Who are we?

The only certainty in life is uncertainty (said by some famous philosophers) – so we can be certain to tell you that we are uncertain of what tomorrow may hold. But at this moment, right now, we are certain of our hearts, and determination to create and write to you each month an article we hope you will appreciate. About something interesting and relevant to today’s world, with a core base selected from one of our brand values, which are: We care for the Earth We respect Humanity We represent Freedom To start & celebrate our first blog, we want to give you our human touch, show you the real people who are bringing OA forward each and every day. Until next time, stay well & give love! Welcome to the OA team. Francesco Tell Francesco to do something, he will most probably be doing the exact opposite of that. Rule breaker – Challenging the status quo We secretly think he enjoys being a bit crazy Sophia The glass is half full spirit, always looking on the bright side, and search the goodness in people. Holding the values – Gatekeeper – Try to be the order in the chaos Anastasia In charge of web orders! If you bought from our website, your personal note is most likely hand written by Anastasia. Consistency and persistence is a quality – always has the most beautiful nails Federica Ball of happiness and sunshine – need a boost of energy? Federica never runs out of chocolate! Graphic designer – literally has all the colors available within reach (we’re referring to all of the highlighters in the office!) Betto First to the company each morning, even before the sunrise (or so we think?) A walking history book of footwear & grandpa of the company Our expert of technical engineering of footwear comfort & design Massimo Keeping our OA babies coming – literally – on the production line. Follows the shoe process from creation to finished product! Yes – probably including those on your foot! Stefano Warehouse manager – don’t you dare move or touch anything. Big brother Stefano is watching. Also a great chef! Matteo Mastering adding and subtracting on another level. It’s difficult for the earth human like you and me to comprehend. Proud father of 3 with human wife. Mariano Has a strong sense of efficiency and processes. Always on continuous improvement. Communicator & implementor Manu Has the most sensibility to feel and detect emotions, as if he can read our minds. Works hard, plays hard. Finds joy in alla situations, because why not? Freedom is essential to a beautiful life.