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ABOUT Oa non-fashion just like to do some things different.

We care for the EARTH
We respect HUMANITY
We represent FREEDOM


OA non-fashion is born in Italy in 2018 with a simple vision: there are people who don’t want fashion. We’re about loving our earth, and building a sustainable future; We’re about building local communities and giving back; We’re about making comfortable shoes for your everyday life! Our styles are very basic, and we simply update each season the best sellers, a continuous upgrade and attention to details, materials, know-how on improving product for eco-sustainability. “Non-fashion” because we give to you more than just fashion.
About Us


“We’re fearless big kids, with big hearts, on our way to save the world, and having fun along the way!” OA non-fashion is a brand created by entrepreneurs, Francesco Viozzi, in the footwear sector for over twenty years, and Sophia Liu, for over ten years in the footwear sector.
About Us