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ECO MADE For a sustainable future we take care of materials and components that we use.


OA evolo suede

It is a revolutionary production processes after years of innovation. The oa evolo suede is chrome free, waste is 30-50% recycled, uses less water and produces less carbon dioxide in production process, as compared to traditional suede production. All at the same time maintaining the colour brilliance of beautiful suede.


OA calf leather vegetable

The process of vegetable tanning uses organic materials and natural tannis from trees and plants This develops colours that are natural, and results in distinctly unique leather pieces. Our calf vegetable leather is 95% chrome free. It is long-lasting, and develops beautiful patina over time under the exposure to sun and the atmosphere.


OA CELLS outsole

Inspired by the origins of nature, the cells outsole is light and soft.
It is produced by the 51% of XL Extralight Sustainable+ material that comes from reused by-products generated during the manufacturing process.
By using this outsole, we save 50% of virgin mineral resources, and also save 50% scraps from going to landfill.
Each pair of CELLS produced is unique in its recycled properties, and a slight variation is considered normal.


OA flexible TR outsole

The outsole is the part of the shoe that has direct contact with the earth. At OA, our outsoles are carefully tested to fit perfectly and ensure resistance. TR, other known as thermoplastic rubber, is a form of rubber that has superb durability. It is very flexible and has a good grip on the ground.


OA GO!Zero Degradable Outsoles

GO!Zero is our newly adapted flexible outsoles in SS21 collection. It has degradability of 34.5% in 6 months. Tested by IAE (Institution of Applied Ecology) in accordance with protocol UNI EN ISO14855


OA algae bloom footbed

BLOOM Algae footbeds cleans our water from algae caused by climate change and water pollution. It blends the protein rich algae biomass with EVA, and through heat, pressure and time, make high rebound and flexible footbeds.


OA natural reinforcements

Reinforcements are the material that give shoes a beautiful shape: usually at the toe and back of the footwear, used between the upper leather and lining. Our exclusively selected reinforcement comes almost all from a natural source. It consists of 60% of genuine leather fibers; 20% natural latex; 15% natural fat; 5% various ingredients.


OA Packaging

The papers and boxes we use for packaging comes all from recycled paper and responsible sources certified by FSC.


Made in Italy 101%

We believe in sourcing locally with all components coming from Italian origins. We do it to support local businesses, but also saves hugely on external costs to the environment.